Ted Kennedy might come… and Bobby Kennedy Jr part II at the convention!

The first official day of the convention started great for me. I was up early, made sure I was at the staff meeting at 8, only to find out that it was basically no more than the handing out of credentials, and then headed for the Pepsi Center. When I got there, the line in front of the perimeter access was blocked by a man in front of me who had no credentials. I looked and saw that it was Bobby Kennedy Jr, who I had already seen yesterday as well. I immediately offered him one of my credentials (I had two), walked him into the perimeter, and told him I was absolutely honored to meet him. I felt kind of awkward, because I know how everybody always talks about Jack and Bobby when they talk to him, but I just did the same thing anyway. I couldn’t help myself.. So I told him that his father was my hero and that I thought it was great that he and other Kennedy’s are trying to continue the legacy. I also asked him if Ted would speak at the convention today. ‘That’s a secret of course’, he said, to which I replied: ‘So that’s a yes then, otherwise it would not be a secret’. He didn’t answer to that, so I figured I was right, haha. When we got to the Pepsi Center, we took a picture together and he thanked me. We’ll meet again later this week, at other meetings. Later today actually.

Five minutes later I bumped into the Daily Show crew. The Daily Show and the Colbert Report are the only two tv shows I always watch, so I was happy to see them out in the wild here at the convention. I asked Rob Riggle some things about the show, and then we took a picture with the whole crew. I’m at the media center now. Next up is RFK Jr’s speech about the environment in the Big Tent, followed by a reception from the New Democratic Network, and then it’s back to the Pepsi Center for the tribute to Ted Kennedy, and speeches by Jesse Jackson Jr, Michelle Obama and others. In the meantime. I am carrying my laptop around to work as well. We’re always on call!

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