Bill Richardson

Ik had nog een filmpje gemaakt van het verhaal waarmee Bill Richardson zijn bijeenkomsten afsluit. Daar blijkt helaas geen geluid bij te zitten. Beetje jammer. Maar de tekst kan ik hier wel even intikken, het is een goed verhaal:

‘After Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) died, they moved his casket on a train from Georgia, where he was born, to New York, where he used to live and where he was to be buried. The tracks were lined with thousands of people, all wanting to pay their respects to the President. As the train came to a stop, a reporter asked a man who was sobbing, "You must have known him well?" The man turned around and said: "No, but he knew me".
‘That is the type of President I want to be remembered as.’

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